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Hello friends!

I am really busy today, but I will share this link with you so that you can discover a new artist and watch a lovely little movie.

Have a great day.


Because my job exists almost entirely on the Internet, except when I am in meetings (in which we are discussing the Internet), it’s always exciting when I find myself in uncharted territory. It’s thrilling to be where I’m not supposed to be. I’m not talking about hacking into government websites. I’m talking about sites like this one (please click the link so you understand what I’m talking about), which I explored the entire time that I was eating my sandwich at my desk.

I do not know why I find this site so fascinating. But I have some theories:

1. The copy is awesome. TELL ME that you don’t enjoy reading the following:


Dear Sir/Madam

We are delighted to write to your company as your name and address has been recommended
to us, as an authorized Supplier manufactures /exporters of various items from your country.

Hereafter, we are SEP GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD, established since 1974. here in LAGOS NIGERIA.
We are Agent/consultants, wholesale distributors, manufacturer’s representative on
import and export.

Presently we are actively engaged in sourcing for canned foods,Beverages,Cosmetics,
Body health care,Dresses(Suites,Shoes,Belts and Bags).For an urgent contract supply to our
End-Buyer- Economic Community of West-Africa States(ECOWAS) in LOME TOGO. and we have been
in this line of business for many successful years satisfying our numerous customers and
government with all their needs.

On the recent development, from our company’s Goodwill, We have been afforded with the
opportunity to contact your esteem company for an urgent contract supply to the
Economic Community of West-African States(ECOWAS) at WAHSOR Board in LOME TOGO.

Please if you can supply us with any of these products from your company, do not hesitate
to inform us through our email, so that we can stop further negotiations with other
foreign companies for an urgent supply.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Smith Wilson (Agent).

Come on! That is awesome! You cannot possibly say you are a fan of Wes Anderson and not like this website.

Yeah. That looks really safe.

2. The products are amazing. You can purchase 10,000 sets of mini nipple covers,up to 100,000 bone plates for skull repairs per month, or a full range of sexual enhancement products from this company, which recommends the following in case of emergency: Take cool boiled water if users are in trouble of frequent erection or long-time erection during sexual intercourse after use. That sounds extremely safe and practical. Also available are large quantities of L-theanine, telephone bugging devices, and a cryogenic liquid transporting semi-trailer.

3. Check out their popular keywords:

Oh. Excuse me. I meant Popular Keyword.
In case you can’t read that, it says hack saw, paper cup, security lighting, sport sunglasses, square tablecloth

4. There is a lot to learn about the business transactions of others. For instance, did you know that Ms. Sweety Thakur in Kathmandu is looking to purchase an entire container (over 20 tons) of MSG?

So, I challenge you, post the link for the absolute strangest thing you can find on the Asian Products website. Go to it!

I took over Nate’s Plate yesterday. Hopefully he’ll return the favor.

The Forth from its Hinges art show, now in its second year, starts tomorrow and continues for four days. It is totally and completely awesome to see young people getting together, supporting each other, and putting themselves out there.

Roger and I will be reporting from the show on Friday, but I wanted to give you all some advance notice so you can catch the first couple of days.

Here’s their (really well-done) video: (oh, side note- I just discovered, through the link on the video site, that it was done by my friend David Meiklejohn. I didn’t know that when I said that it was well done, so no accusations of nepotism, thank you. Although, plug for David, he makes lots of good stuff)

Forth From Its Hinges from losingstrategies on Vimeo.

And you can click HERE to visit their site for more info.

About two months ago, there was a lot of buzz around the Ypsi-blog-osphere about this video, which was created by the family of former Ypsi mayor Cheryl Farmer and her family sell the city to potential investors. I think I got a press release about it too, but I could be making that up.

(I wanted to post maproom systems’ response video, but it won’t seem to embed in my browser, so you’re just going to have to find that one yourself)

I then went on a quest to find more videos and came up with this, which is pretty hilarious. I like the part where the guy extolls the virtues of the Red Roof Inn. What amazed me is that the youtube commenters didn’t seem to realize that this is a parody and seemed truly incredulous that ANYONE would be excited about the Red Roof Inn.
But today I saw the following video and, I have to say, it’s all over for me. This is the best “Come to Ypsilanti”-type video I’ve seen. Basically, the message is that Ypsilanti totally kicks a– (this is a family blog, since it’s somehow loosely related to a family newspaper).
So here it is, the masterpiece of marketing entitled, “Ypsilanti is Better”:

While you eat your lunch today, check out the recently-launched, locally-produced Textsound.

There are some interesting sounds to hear, and it’s better than listening to the hum of florescent lights while you eat that healthy combination of pretzels and diet pepsi you got from the vending machines.

I really enjoyed “Genkomst” and “Schengen,” tracks 8 and 9. I’m not sure what language they’re in, or if it’s a real language (which will probably make me sound like an idiot), but they sound like stylized language learning tapes. Some of the other tracks weren’t really my taste but, personally, I find a lot of slam poetry stuff to be irritating. I don’t like the tendency to mask what’s essentially a bad poem in the weighty repetition of certain words, or the need to discuss your uterus at length.

Textsound is having a launch party at the Dreamland Theater in Ypsi on Friday, April 4 at 8 p.m.

I’ll be spending my lunch hour reviewing a bunch of films made by high school students in a contest organized by my favorite librarian, Ben Malczewski of the Ypsilanti District Library. If you’ve ever marveled at the Ypsi library’s absolutely amazing film collection, thank Ben. I thank Ben for recommending “The Magnificent Ambersons” to me when I interviewed him a year or so ago.

I have to go now, because it suddenly smells like cupcakes and I need to find out why.

I’ve been a fan of Leighton (formerly rhymes with Satan, now rhymes with Hatin’) for a while, and his blog is part of my daily local reading (which also includes Mark Maynard, Richard Murphy, AAIO, The Anchored Nomad, and some others).

But even if you aren’t acquainted with the truck-driving rock a**-kicker, you have to check out his podcasts. It’s a chance to listen to the CB convos of truckers that the rest of us never get to hear, interspersed with music from the Pixies, Dillinger Escape Plan, Jesus Lizard, and a whole bunch of bands that I’ve never heard of because I am a wuss and I’m too busy listening to Sufjan Stevens and Iron & Wine and crying in the bathtub.

Know thyself.

BE ADVISED! There is swearing, and also the mention of the unmentionables of a goat. By Diane Rehm.

I have to do a story on this guy.

Hit the bubbly a little too hard with your valentine last night? Why not spend your work day today surfing the internet. No one will ever know.

Pandora Radio I forgot to bring my ipod to work yesterday (you try writing every day in a newsroom full of people on the phone and a constantly chattering police scanner!), and in my desperation I stumbled upon Pandora Radio, part of the Music Genome Project.

Basically, you type a song or artist that you like into the box, and it generates streaming radio for you based on specific attributes of that song or the artist’s general sound. Rad.

Don’t type in Sufjan Stevens. It gives you wuss stuff. Which leads me to believe that my friends who make fun of my love for Sufjan are right……I recommend starting Iron and Wine if you want some great music you may not have heard before that’s just right for listening and still getting work done. I even discovered some artists I had never heard of and really liked, which is super exciting.

Community High on NPR! I heard this story yesterday on the radio, and I was super psyched for the shout out to our fair city, and the great school that we’ve created. I didn’t go to Community, although it’s weird the number of of people, including both of my editors, who just assumed that I did. Nope, folks, I went to Greenhills. Shut up. We read really awesome books.

My Heart is an Idiot Watch the work in progress of local filmmaker David Meiklejohn as he creates a documentary about love, from the bizarre perspective of my very dear friend, Davy Rothbart, a total townie. See Newt Gingrich talk about fidelity before word of his adulterous affair! Bizarre foreshadowing!

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