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Hello friends!

I am really busy today, but I will share this link with you so that you can discover a new artist and watch a lovely little movie.

Have a great day.


I took over Nate’s Plate yesterday. Hopefully he’ll return the favor.

Tonight, when Elliot and I were shopping at Kroger – actually, since this is Michigan, I will refer to it as The Krogers – I saw this man who lived in my neighborhood as a kid. The only reason I remember him is that he looks exactly like George from the Jeffersons.

Hey Weezy!

Well, now that I have Googled a picture of George Jefferson, I realize that neighbor George Jefferson is whiter. But the hair and mustache are right on.

Thing is, he still looks exactly the same. And it has been more than 10 years since I moved out of that house. And he looked the same for the 9 years that I lived there. He’s like some sort of magical, Dick Clark not-aging George Jefferson guy.

And then I wondered, since I have seen him around town over the years and always note his presence, has he ever noticed that I’m looking at him? I never thought about the fact that the George Jefferson guy (he has it a lot easier than another of my childhood neighbors, a crazy woman who wandered up and down Washtenaw Ave. whom we referred to as Saggy Boobs Lady or, for short, Saggy Boobs) may have also been noting my presence this entire time. Like, Hey, there’s that kid who grew up in my neighborhood and never seems to have moved away!

Or, even worse – and somehow more appropriate – Hey, there’s that kid who looked like Blossom!

Yep. It's true. Okay. You can stop laughing now. Really. It's enough.


The latest installment in the WHOis: profile series is in the paper today.

Doing these videos has become my favorite part of work. I get to meet interesting people, videotape their lives, and create something (hopefully) cool to watch. It’s one of those “I can’t believe I get paid to do this” type things. Which cancels out all the stories that I have to write about people’s pets. Or the weather.

Shooting this video was really fun. I spent the better part of a day traipsing around Ypsilanti with a girl in a leotard and tutu. I shot her hooping on the median in the middle of Michigan Ave. while cars slowed down and honked (interestingly, it was mainly women doing the shouting), an abandoned firing range, and in the Frog Island Park amphitheater.

The music is off of the Ypsisongs CD, courtesy of my friend Brandon.

It’s my favorite video that I’ve done so far. I hope you like it too.

You can read the full interview on

Don’t worry, I’ll be doing a story on him soon, but in the meantime I present T. Casey Brennan, singing his opus, “Social Worker.”

In the meantime, if you see Mr. Brennan around the diag, Fleetwood, Double Eagle, etc., etc., tell him that I said hi. And that I’m not mad he called me Jill.

NOTE! THIS VIDEO HAS COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF SWEARING. (and also some sideways camera work)

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