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Today after I picked Elliot up from school, he asked me: “Have you ever heard the story of King Midas?”

“Yeah, I have,” I said. “Did you hear it at school?”

“It’s in the reading corner.”

“Did you like the story?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty good,” he said.

“Did you get what the moral of the story was?”

He thought for a minute. “I don’t know.”

“Well, what’s the lesson that King Midas learned?”

“Oh! Yeah! Never listen to spirits when they ask you if you want to make a wish.”

“That’s a good one,” I said. “But what else?”

“Umm, don’t wish that you can turn things into gold!”

“That’s good, you’re getting there,” I said. “Why don’t you want to wish you could turn things into gold?”

“Oh! Yeah! That’s the lesson! Don’t hold your daughter’s hand when you’ve wished you could turn everything you touch into gold and it came true! Because then you’ll turn your daughter into gold!”

“What about don’t be greedy?” I asked.

“Huh,” he paused. “No, I don’t necessarily see that.”


Tonight, as I was cutting Elliot’s toenails, I discovered a tiny pebble that had been lodged under one of them. I flicked it into the sink.

“What if that was a magic pebble?” he asked.

“Do you think it was a magic pebble?”

“I think it was,” he said.

“So what do you think is going to happen?”

“The whole house is magic now.” He turned his head away from me and whispered, “House! I wish for sixty six tongues!”

Giant stick!, originally uploaded by hellopaperclip.

and I am surfing youtube and drinking beer. And they are both encouraged/provided.
My life has gotten significantly better in the last week.

So I know that I’ve ragged on them before for churning out the same-old-same-old, so I have to give props (excited props, actually) to the folks at The Bang!, who are taking their show on the road.

Here it is, straight from the mouth – well, keyboard – of Bang! priestess Dru:

this thursday may 22. your number one mixtape sex-plosion dance party the Bang! boxing ! wrestling! sexual dance power like never before! believe it.

the bang! detroit. boxing. wrestling. blood on the dance floor.

the bang! comes to the Detroit’s DIA and brings you the biggest & wildest night of your life. Dance madness. real boxing. men in tights.
the bang!

I think it sounds AWESOME. Because boxing is sweet. And I’m pissed that I can’t go. But rest assured, I’m sure, that in addition to the carnage, there will still be plenty of drunk, dancing people with cool hair.

Tickets went on sale today for Flight of the Conchords at the Michigan Theater.

(Another swearing warning, but this is my FAVORITE song)

There is nothing to say beyond this simple fact: I actually got down on my knees to ask the entertainment editor if I could cover this concert.

You can read the details on the A2 News entertainment blog HERE

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