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The Forth from its Hinges art show, now in its second year, starts tomorrow and continues for four days. It is totally and completely awesome to see young people getting together, supporting each other, and putting themselves out there.

Roger and I will be reporting from the show on Friday, but I wanted to give you all some advance notice so you can catch the first couple of days.

Here’s their (really well-done) video: (oh, side note- I just discovered, through the link on the video site, that it was done by my friend David Meiklejohn. I didn’t know that when I said that it was well done, so no accusations of nepotism, thank you. Although, plug for David, he makes lots of good stuff)

Forth From Its Hinges from losingstrategies on Vimeo.

And you can click HERE to visit their site for more info.

About two months ago, there was a lot of buzz around the Ypsi-blog-osphere about this video, which was created by the family of former Ypsi mayor Cheryl Farmer and her family sell the city to potential investors. I think I got a press release about it too, but I could be making that up.

(I wanted to post maproom systems’ response video, but it won’t seem to embed in my browser, so you’re just going to have to find that one yourself)

I then went on a quest to find more videos and came up with this, which is pretty hilarious. I like the part where the guy extolls the virtues of the Red Roof Inn. What amazed me is that the youtube commenters didn’t seem to realize that this is a parody and seemed truly incredulous that ANYONE would be excited about the Red Roof Inn.
But today I saw the following video and, I have to say, it’s all over for me. This is the best “Come to Ypsilanti”-type video I’ve seen. Basically, the message is that Ypsilanti totally kicks a– (this is a family blog, since it’s somehow loosely related to a family newspaper).
So here it is, the masterpiece of marketing entitled, “Ypsilanti is Better”:

Although I will not be modeling, you should still attend the Yellow Barn Bizarre Dance Unihood Unification Project on Saturday night at the Yoga Zone across from the Y (416 W. Huron).

The Unihood Bizarre Walk is a “not a couture fashion” fashion show of sorts, in that people will be walking in their individual fashions. Please, DO NOT miss the chance to experience Adam Eichner, Majestic bouncer-cum-lawyer-cum-Realtor (but also in full posession of all requisite tattoos and attitude), the good doctor Brande Wix (of Found magazine fame and my New Orleans traveling partner), a guy I think might be my ex-boyfriend, and others walk the walk.

It’s also in celebration of my favorite headwear item, the Unihood, which I’ve already told you all about.

9-10 p.m. Marco & Asim play (It’s pronounced Marco and Awesome, according to my friend Yama, who had their CD in his car. I never listened to it, but he likes them)

10-10:30 “The Bizarre Walk”

10:30-11+ Live Bluegrass

11-? Dancing, music, improv instruments…

As one of the organizers, the lovely Britten Stringwell, put it: “Bring Kids . Babysitters . Bring who you wouldn’t normally . Bring him. Her.”

How can you resist an invite like that?

A couple of days ago when it seemed like some “producer” going by the name Flip Wilson got shot in Ypsi (it turned out to be someone else), everyone in the newsroom was asking me if I knew him. Because, obviously, I know everyone in Ypsilanti who makes music. Especially the ones who finance their musical careers with this:

Apparently this man’s associates are also independent filmmakers, one of them told us. I only know two independent filmmakers, one of whom is currently an assistant in New York to a more famous filmmaker, and the other works out of the basement of a family in Burns Park. Neither of them have security cameras or barbed wire fencing around their places of employment. Or enough weed to run the Hash Bash, the Bob Marley Fest, and an entire Phish tour.

On a slightly related, but only musically (I hope) note, does anybody know these guys:

The one kid, Rampage, is pretty good. I’m trying to find them. It’s interesting, ’cause with the burgeoning indie rock scene in A2 and Ypsi, sometimes hip hop gets swept under the rug.

And I think their video is funny.

In an effort to keep their gig alive, the folks at the Ann Arbor Film Festival have resorted to amazing “Acts of Audacity” to raise both funds and awareness of the fact that they are brilliant and insane. These acts are chosen by fans of the festival, including the first act: “Glam Rock Karaoke,” which took wigs, costumes, and David Bowie to the streets of Ann Arbor this summer in a yellow pick-up truck.

This video is the second Act of Audacity, in which giant animals were pitted against the Detroit Derby Girls in a badminton match in the snow this past December. And I didn’t even realize until after watching that it was directed and edited by my very talented friend, A2’s own David Meiklejohn.

“It’s like putting the movie back into the shuttlecock.”

(HEY! please be aware, there is swearing. So not for work or the kids)

The Elks Lodge, for those of you who have been living under a rock and/or don’t own at least one scarf and a pair of vintage or vintage-esque sneakers, has become the place to throw down.

Considering the super-sweet 60s interior complete with orange plastic booths, the bar with a liquor price list framed on the wall like a movie marquis, and the wall of photos of Elks members enjoying Lodge functions, the local chapter of the Benevolent and Fraternal Order of Elks of the USA is actually the perfect hipster venue.

There are dance parties (sometimes with bonfires in the summer!) with locals like Dykehouse, Noah C., Josh D, Charles Trees, etc. There’s also a jazz night on Mondays that I haven’t been to, but I heard it’s cool. If this all seems nebulous, it’s because it is, and word of the events is generally spread through myspace bulletins or by someone saying, “Hey, are you going to the Elks Lodge tonight?”

And, although I have yet to validate this claim, Josh D excitedly reports that they serve lunch several days a week.

There’s a party tonight, (click HERE for a map) DJ’d by Ann Arbor’s own Charles Trees (with whom I attended Varsity Day Camp for several years). Sometimes there’s a $5 cover that goes to the Elks, sometimes there isn’t, so come prepared. And bring cash for the bar, too. Better yet, bring it in a money clip. ‘Cause money clips are cool.

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