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Yes. I know. I am living in a glass house and throwing stones. I am a cobbler and my children have no shoes. I am a community strategist and professional blogger who doesn’t update her personal blog.

Baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ll get help, I swear I will.

Here, I love you so much I got you this:

Now take off your pants.


I don’t want to like this. But I have to. Because it’s some straight-up Cremaster-type art and it’s incredible.

And, yes, it was also the featured song on last week’s Gossip Girl.

I know. I’m almost 30. Suck it.

About two months ago, there was a lot of buzz around the Ypsi-blog-osphere about this video, which was created by the family of former Ypsi mayor Cheryl Farmer and her family sell the city to potential investors. I think I got a press release about it too, but I could be making that up.

(I wanted to post maproom systems’ response video, but it won’t seem to embed in my browser, so you’re just going to have to find that one yourself)

I then went on a quest to find more videos and came up with this, which is pretty hilarious. I like the part where the guy extolls the virtues of the Red Roof Inn. What amazed me is that the youtube commenters didn’t seem to realize that this is a parody and seemed truly incredulous that ANYONE would be excited about the Red Roof Inn.
But today I saw the following video and, I have to say, it’s all over for me. This is the best “Come to Ypsilanti”-type video I’ve seen. Basically, the message is that Ypsilanti totally kicks a– (this is a family blog, since it’s somehow loosely related to a family newspaper).
So here it is, the masterpiece of marketing entitled, “Ypsilanti is Better”:

The latest installment in the WHOis: profile series is in the paper today.

Doing these videos has become my favorite part of work. I get to meet interesting people, videotape their lives, and create something (hopefully) cool to watch. It’s one of those “I can’t believe I get paid to do this” type things. Which cancels out all the stories that I have to write about people’s pets. Or the weather.

Shooting this video was really fun. I spent the better part of a day traipsing around Ypsilanti with a girl in a leotard and tutu. I shot her hooping on the median in the middle of Michigan Ave. while cars slowed down and honked (interestingly, it was mainly women doing the shouting), an abandoned firing range, and in the Frog Island Park amphitheater.

The music is off of the Ypsisongs CD, courtesy of my friend Brandon.

It’s my favorite video that I’ve done so far. I hope you like it too.

You can read the full interview on

Since Roger LeLievre was out yesterday, I had to do the weekend entertainment video by myself.

It got really, really weird.

In an effort to jazz things up a bit, Roger and I decided to take our Friday show on the road. So for the entertainment video this week, we reported from the Michigan Theater for the A2 Film Fest.

Ummm…. we had the right idea, but watching the finished product made me remember clearly why I chose to go into radio and print. Even with the sunglasses, which are awesome, it was awkward to say the least. I’m kind of embarrassed (although, in true form, that isn’t enough to stop me from putting it on the internet).

But do yourself a favor and watch it long enough to see me tell some guy that his movie sounds creepy.

(I can’t get the video to embed properly, but you can watch it HERE)

Don’t worry, I’ll be doing a story on him soon, but in the meantime I present T. Casey Brennan, singing his opus, “Social Worker.”

In the meantime, if you see Mr. Brennan around the diag, Fleetwood, Double Eagle, etc., etc., tell him that I said hi. And that I’m not mad he called me Jill.

NOTE! THIS VIDEO HAS COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF SWEARING. (and also some sideways camera work)

I don’t even like Tally Hall, and I think this video is awesome:

My favorite Tally Hall memory was when they played with The Changes at the Blind Pig a couple of years ago. Dave and I were sitting around in the green room, and raided Tally Hall’s extensive costume collection and took photos while they were on stage.

It’s too bad that Tally Hall is the only band we’ve managed to export in a major way lately, but it is a tribute to the mad skills of Al McWilliams over at Quack!. Let’s hope he can do the same thing for the Hard Lessons and Great Lakes Myth Society, two bands that would truly make the ace deuce proud.

A couple of days ago when it seemed like some “producer” going by the name Flip Wilson got shot in Ypsi (it turned out to be someone else), everyone in the newsroom was asking me if I knew him. Because, obviously, I know everyone in Ypsilanti who makes music. Especially the ones who finance their musical careers with this:

Apparently this man’s associates are also independent filmmakers, one of them told us. I only know two independent filmmakers, one of whom is currently an assistant in New York to a more famous filmmaker, and the other works out of the basement of a family in Burns Park. Neither of them have security cameras or barbed wire fencing around their places of employment. Or enough weed to run the Hash Bash, the Bob Marley Fest, and an entire Phish tour.

On a slightly related, but only musically (I hope) note, does anybody know these guys:

The one kid, Rampage, is pretty good. I’m trying to find them. It’s interesting, ’cause with the burgeoning indie rock scene in A2 and Ypsi, sometimes hip hop gets swept under the rug.

And I think their video is funny.

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